Gelee 3in1 3D Animal Tracks

Multi-Color Gelee 3in1 Mood – Ombre

Gelée 3in1 Powder Gel Application with Gelée 3in1 Ombré

Metallux Unicorns Collection

Vertical Ombre and Free-Hand Flowers

IndieFest Summer 2018 Collection

Mini Nail Art Tutorial

LeChat Nails

Retro Remix Collection

Gelee Powder Gel Nail System – Soak Off Method

Gelös a revolutionary gel thinner (patent pending)

LeChat Spectra Nail Tutorial – Snakeskin

LeChat Spectra Nail Tutorial – Wavelength

LeChat Spectra Nail Tutorial – Supernova

LeChat Spectra Nail Tutorial – Futuristic

LeChat Mirano Chrome Nails – Hearts

LeChat Mirano Nail Designs – Scales

LeChat Mirano Designs – Tear Drops

LeChat Nail Tutorial – Fairy Collection

LeChat Nail Tutorial – NEW Spring Fairy Collection

Mood Polish St. Patrick’s Nail Art